Wednesday 16 September 2009

A question

We dashed out on a busy day to grab a few bus stop checks. We managed a couple of dozen. The email lists have discussed how to tag some of these and one thing that came up is that some stops have a raised curb to assist people on wheels to get on the bus. I don't know the official name of this feature so I've tagged them as ramp=yes. I sent an email to the bloke in the council who's interested in these checks to see what they call them. It turns out that he knows a friend of mine too - it's a small world.

I need to review the photos for some of the stops I've already checked to see if they have ramps too. The tagging of stops might yet change by adding features, like a shelter or a ramp, to a bus_stop tag which is a contemporary way of tagging. I'm not sure about comma or semicolon separated lists though.

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