Monday 7 July 2008

129 to go

I've been keeping a list of the places in East Yorkshire in the Wiki. I reckon that more than 50% of the villages in the county have been completed, but because it's a big county that still leaves 129 to do. This is an estimate; I took the first list from Wikipedia which was pretty good, but there have been various adjustments when the real situation is taken into account. Many villages are historic and don't exist any more, some were added from NPE and have since disappeared. A few have been absorbed into a bigger nearby place. Some new places have appeared too, most were just not in the original list but a couple are newly named places.

Today we completed eight (small) villages and added miles and miles of country lanes. Three of the hamlets were added to the map for the first time. All of this is in the plain of Holderness to the east of Hull. (Link to the map should go here).

I wanted to post a link to the area, but the t@h map just will not refresh and Mapnik will not include the new stuff until later this week. I hope the t@h server gets its new disks soon; not being able to see the work you've done is a recurring theme in the diary pages and is clearly putting people off contributing. I understand that the real value is in the API and the data, but most new contributors expect to see a rendered map, nicely updated with their work and quickly on demand. I like to check my work soon after I have uploaded it and it is fresh in my mind too.

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