Tuesday 1 July 2008

Warter and Fridaythorpe

A hot, sunny day tempted us out into the Yorkshire Wolds. This is a stunning part of the country that is widely ignored. It is very quiet with rolling hills, little wooded valleys and quaint little villages.

We set out to join up the country lanes around Warter. On the way we added a part of the route of the Kiplingcotes derby, which is England's oldest continuously run horse race on the flat, run since 1519. It is about four miles long and run in fields, on tracks and on country roads. There is more for to map yet, then I'll add the route.

In Fridaythorpe we found some roads with the wrong names in the OSM DB. The person who created the roads seems to have stopped mapping, and this is not the first time I have found his work with the wrong names. Maybe he made mistakes ...

The views in the area are superb.

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