Saturday 19 July 2008

Living streets?

We had a brief foray into Beverley. It's an ancient market town with some narrow streets in some parts, but we did some of its housing estates off Grove Hill road. (Other map makers take note Grove Hill, not Grovehill).

Some of the residential roads have a 20mph limit and, in common with many roads in Hull, they have children's artwork built into the sign as a way of reminding drivers to take it easy. Of course, if they forget the speed bumps get them, but these are well made that reward slow driving with a gentle bump unlike some. I'm not sure this picture is the best one I've seen - there are many designs - but the idea is a good one.

When I got home I began to wonder if these are living streets rather than residential; I'm really not sure.

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- said...

There's several of these around London, I've personally not tagged them as living streets, since they don't share the aspects of living streets that are suggested by the international use of the tag. (fuzzying the distinction of road and pavement, giving pedestrians ultimate priority etc)