Thursday 3 July 2008

Two schools and a funeral director

Back to the city of Hull today. We strayed over the river Hull to take a look at Garden Village. It was created by Sir James Reckitt as a pleasant place for his workers to live. It was opened in July 1908. It is still a pleasant place to live, close to the city centre. Sir James was a quaker, so there were no pubs built in Garden Village, and there still none today.

We added two schools, Mersey school and Buckingham school, both named after local streets. There were fairly easy to map, since they are surrounded by roads, so just filling the space gave the extent of the site.

On the corner of Jalland Street and Holderness Road there is a funeral directors, which I marked with the proposed tag amenity=mortuary, not sure about the tag but the name is pretty good.

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