Thursday 27 November 2008

Closing the gaps with a quiz

We've been out filling a few gaps in Hull. The goal of actually completing all of the named roads and the obvious points of interest is very close to complete now. So I have been wondering how to mark the event. Offices up and down the land get some Christmas quizzes passed or emailed around so I have wondered if this is a way to get people to look at the map. I have found a few odd street names to wrap up in cryptic clues but I've also thought that I could highlight the differences between OSM and Other Mapping Products.

I have come up with a handful of questions that include a few things that Ghoolly Flaps have got wrong - either missing, misnamed or one of their Easter Eggs, so I can check whose maps people got their answers from.

It might be a neat way to use a quiz in an email that gets sent around people to read the map and raise the profile of the project. Maybe Cloudmade will offer a prize for such a quiz, especially a more global list of questions, than mine about Hull.

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