Friday 7 November 2008

Spelling lessons for the council?

We are plodding through the estates left in Hull. Today we looked at part of Preston Road, an estate with a very grim reputation. Great swathes have been demolished or are boarded up waiting for demolition. Yet more have been rebuilt and seem to be much more community orientated little streets. Many of the original street names are the names of villages in the area, one of which is Aldbrough, but the street name is spelled Aldborough. There are a few places called Aldborough in the country, but not in the local area.

I checked with some older maps and the council have just copied the (wrongly spelled?) name from the old road onto the new road, so I suppose I'll let them off. To be honest it's good to find a distraction in this most boring part of the city, even if, as distractions go, it's pretty flimsy.

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