Friday 28 November 2008


Friday afternoon traffic is not much fun in Hull, so we went into the countryside around and mapped Skirlaugh and Arnold. I corrected a few errors from a previous mapper whose 'work' I have come across before - I trust his tracks but I'm suspicious of the names he added, they bear an amazing similarity to Another Mapping Product, and often different to what I find on the ground. I wish that if he didn't record the name that he just left it blank.

One problem with mapping in the afternoons at this time of year is that the sun sets so early that photography becomes difficult, so we sometimes stop earlier than we might want to. We do get to see some sunsets, like this one over the river Humber.


Anonymous said...

I recently found out that I can change the ISO setting on my otherwise rather simple camera. Setting it to 1600 helps a lot during dawn. But don't forget to turn it back to normal on a sunny day :-)

Anonymous said...

Yep, it's becoming really bad trying to take photos of signs across the road with my camera phone. I wondered about leaving photo-mapping and going back to something like note taking, but now it is really icy outside so my fingers need to keep gloves on.
There are several paths I need to map since getting a bicycle here, so I might sort those out and not need to photograph road signs.

Chris Hill said...

Xoff: Thanks for the tip, but I already have the ISO up high. Some of the pictures are taken from a moving car (by the passenger), so low light levels are a real nuisance because the shutter speed is long so the picture blurs with the movement making it hard to read.

Gregory: I've considered using audio recordings but i don't have the gear. I'll have to stick to the middle of the day at this time of year.