Monday 3 November 2008

Surprised and confused

The city of Hull is looking as though it really could be completely mapped soon and, much against my expectations, Jean and I have done just about all of it. When we mapped the first little bit I thought we would need lots of people to join in. Etienne (80n) suggested that we organise a mapping party - he went to Hull University and would like to return, but my health was dodgy and I didn't feel I could commit to organising an event when I might be out of action on the day. The work in Hull has surprised me even more because I really intended to work on East Yorkshire and leave Hull to someone else, still East Yorks is coming on too.

Today we looked at the north side of Holderness Road, joining up with some stuff we did a couple of weeks ago. This is one thing I like about the situation now, everywhere can be joined to somewhere else and the picture is closing.

We found a road with a loop today which has one of the occasional anomalies: the road has two name boards with slightly different names.

I tagged what I found

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