Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Dodgy wire

The painting at home is on hold and we've been out mapping again, though only briefly. We went to check the post boxes in Hessle (HU13) , where there were a few missing. All went well, we found every box we expected, but my GPSr lost its power and switched off without us noticing. I think the power lead has a dodgy connection. Fortunately the couple of boxes we found while it was off are obvious from the photos so no real harm done.

We found a couple of dental surgeries, both only taking private patients. I've tagged them as amenity=dentist but I'm not sure how or if they render. The issue of private versus NHS dentists is a hot topic here, but even more so in Lincolnshire just over the Humber. It's a large, very rural county so people have to travel miles for many services and NHS dentists seem as rare as hens' teeth.

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