Thursday 19 February 2009

Hedon, head on

We had a little trip out to Hedon this afternoon. It's a little town to the east of Hull and somewhere I've only really driven past, especially since a bypass was built. I thought we would start in the east of the town and work west. The east is a big housing estate, with a few footpaths. The estate is bounded by an abandoned railway which is actually now a cycle way. I didn't walk down it - I'll go back for that. This old railway still shows up on the current mapnik render - I wish it would only render on specialist maps. Kaerst has added cycleway tags to part of the route, but because there is also still the abandoned railway tags too Osmarender seems to get a bit mixed up at different zoom levels.

There's been some stuff on T'Interweb about Birmingham council not putting apsotrophes in street names, but it seems as though someone got there first, albeit by mistake.

Lying to the west of the town is a large chemical plant called Salt End. It is a large, local employer but also a source of controversy. Most recently an incinerator for rubbish has had its planning request approved, but now there seems to be some sort of rethink and the approval has been removed. What ever the rights and wrongs of of the plant, the planning system stinks much, much more than the rubbish that might be burnt at Salt End.

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Anonymous said...

Mapnik shouldn't render railway=abandoned|disused if the way is also tagged as a highway, I remember seeing something which confirms that but the mapnik template doesn't seem to agree. If it's still showing different things at different zoom levels after a while, then you may want to email talk to see what needs doing.

I'm not sure why I'm the last author of that way, it's around the time I was sorting out the Route 66 relation but this doesn't seem to be a member.