Monday 23 March 2009

Flying a kite

The weather reminded us that Spring has only just sprung and the typical windy weather around the equinox popped up. Still, the washing was getting dry quickly - until a heavy hail shower meant it was once more spread on a clothes horse inside. With the washing safe we set off to do some more in Market Weighton. This time we were doing some of the older part of the town and it was much more interesting. There are a lot of pubs, bucking the trend elsewhere, and a mix of all sorts of little businesses in the high street, which was even called High Street. I still haven't sorted out the end of the Hudson Way, but the next time we go we should finish the town and sort this bridleway out too.

The fairly strong wind gave a really good display of Carrion Crows. They seem to really enjoy swooping and soaring on the wind. It could well be part of their mating displays, but they are much more extravagant when it's windy. As we followed a country lane around the outskirts of the town we saw a Red Kite. It's a poor photo at lo-res and I didn't have any long lenses with me, but it's better than nothing, and you can make out the distinctive tail. The kites have spread to East Yorkshire from their release site near Leeds and I'm always happy to see them soaring along the rolling hills of the Yorkshire Wolds.

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