Tuesday 24 March 2009

Which way?

And so the latest town in East Yorkshire has had its first pass completed. Market Weighton is now rendering. We knocked off the last few roads, gauged where the school is and worked what the end of Beverley Road is doing. I haven't added any turn restrictions before so I need to look that up (I think it needs a relation). We also had a walk along part of the Hudson way. This is an abandoned railway route from Beverley to Market Weighton. I've walked other parts before. It also makes up a part of the Wilberforce Way, created in 2007. I need to look up the full route of the Wilberforce way from Hull to York and create a relation for it.

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Gregory Marler said...

I understand you make a relation with 3 members:
role 'from' is a way/road;
role 'to' is a way/road;
role 'via' is a nod/junction connecting them.